Worrying ain’t a good feeling. To know the limits of worrying, you can read our post here on How to Not Worry

In this post, we are giving the most specific actions that have the power to replace worrying expereience with enjoying experience.

Think only when there is an activity requiring ‘thinking’

Simply “See” an object without thinking about it in the form of mind chatter, without mind trying to name it

Smell (of course without thinking about it)

Listen to Instrumental Music, No lyrics, because words may take you into the world of theirs

Get yourself a Tibetan Singing Bowl, Just Play it

Look at yourself in a mirror, the less thoughts flying around the better

Draw something spontaneously on a Canvas or a Plain Sheet

Play Whistle

Be around a Plant or a Tree

Dance in the Rain if you are lucky to witness one

Humming a tune yourself

Look at the Horizon

Look at the Sky

Sow a Seed

Do a handicraft with your own hands

Cook a dish you love for yourself with your own hands

Fold a piece of paper (This one is awesome as it reveals our obsession with doing something for a reason/growth)

Write a few lines from your heart

Grip your feet with your hands (Feel one?)

Switch off your phones for 30 minutes

Switch off your Wifi for 1 hour