A Dance By Design

Dance is a hobby, a profession, sometimes an exercise too. Looks like one has covered all perspectives there are to dancing. Perhaps a couple more and we may have a set of utilities that more or less defines the act of dancing and its uses in normal human life.

And that’s how we lose the greatest of all happiness-tuners that dancing is. We just missed the essence of dancing. We lost our greatest happiness-tuner because we forgot two essentials:

  • Dancing is matching yourself to a Rhythm; ‘You’ do the matching.
  • Happy (human) beings claim that they tune themselves to the Rhythm of their life; life is lived in a Rhythm. Happiness follows.

What to do: Can dancing help us

If You notice your normal daily Life (not ‘life’ as mentioned in poetry), You would discover that life has an intelligent Rhythm of its own. The moment we flow with its Rhythm, there is a stable Happiness around. From here starts the real beauty in learning from dancing. Even if one does not see this Life-Rhythm instantly, dancing teaches us that we can match ourselves to a Rhythm.

Thus, we enjoy the Rhythm, then match ourselves to it, and we get the benefits. Remember we did not say ‘finding or knowing that intelligent Life-Rhythm’.

Get into a Rhythm

It’s so practical. To practice getting into your Life-Rhythm start with a song, poem, hymn.

Or, just watch your steps next time You walk. This is what we call ‘A Dance by Design’: your own special way designed to tune to a Rhythm.

Realize that there is a Rhythm. Rhythm constitutes the underlying beauty, Rhythm makes You love it.

Then when You have learnt to catch the tune, the Rhythm, get into the Rhythm of Life.

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