Manage Your Anxiety- Apply Smart “Deduction”

Anxiety remains the single largest contributor to lower performance. Anxiety- like a hidden spy- gets onto your nerves during the most critical events of your life. Ain’t it?

Anxiety often strikes one during those ‘high-return’ events in life that can change a lot of things for the better. As if anxiety sniffs where it is destructive the most- at events where your performance needs to be the best. Anxiety strikes and makes You deliver much decreased performance outcomes. What an amazing trap it sets!

‘Deduction is pretty useful in managing anxiety’


What is Deduction? A Deduction is nothing but simple yet powerful mental cost-benefit calculation with which any anxiety-invoking incidence can be faced by You.

Deduction helps You manage anxiety and ensure a consequent increment in performance.

How to apply Deduction: See anxiety as the ‘gap’ between the actual event (actual occurrence in space and time) and your mental image of the same event. Anxiety will always be more if this gap is large. It is this mental gap that determines how ‘anxious’ You are before a particular event. You have no control over the actual event in most cases. It, thus turns out, is your perception of the event as being larger than your-own-self that induces anxiety. It is important to appreciate this. Stay with this for a minute. It may hit the lever of knowledge in one’s brain and sort it out for ever.

Let’s look at it again to strengthen the concept:

Anxiety primarily arises because of the gap between your capacity to handle the event and what You think (perceived in mind) the event demands.

‘Anxiety strikes You and makes You flip your orientation from strength to one of weakness.’


The response brought out by the upcoming event is below what You would have delivered by default. So, anxiety in a nutshell is a negative multiplier to your personality.

If anxiety’s only output is performance decrement, we better command our mind to do away with it. Anxiety seems pretty unintelligent!

It is from this observation that You can learn how to ‘deduce’ the event in your favor.

The best deduction is the one that brings out the best response in You.

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