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You are the Flow

Life gives us novel lessons- in life. Each one of us learns one thing or the other from life. However, as You would agree, on most of these lessons, there are differences and arguments among people who experience life everyday- people like You and me. Opinions, conclusions, interpretations galore, what is right and what is wrong. On one such lesson arguments give way to a consensus: ‘One must be able …

slave master

Are you a slave or are you your master

There is the ‘You’ and There is the ‘Happiness’. Discover that in-between these two there is ‘Thought’. Yes, ‘thought’, the imaginative snapshot that crosses your mind’s eye every now and then. Thought sets the tone inside. Each Thought as it crosses, leads to a particular flavour of environment being set inside of us. This environment inside is precisely the feel-good or feel-bad of our life. So why does Thought stand …


You, The Intelligent Energy

Life as is gifted to You is all Energy. Energy- its reservoir, its interaction, its sink- all operating through You. It appears as if we are handed over a quantum of Energy for a lifetime. To do whatever we want to with our quantum. ‘You are your Energy. Our Energy is our possibility.’ It makes full sense to invest your entire Energy quantum towards growth. Most of us indeed attempt …


Happy New Moment. Welcome It

As time flows along, we all want to celebrate our lives in very special ways. Celebration- reinforcement to our belief in vitality of life. Welcoming the new year is one such special occasion. Signifying your hopes, vitality and will. We all welcome the New Year. We should. But do You treat the ‘New Moment’ of your life in the same spirit? Each New Moment that acts as an hourglass, through …


Whenever You Face Fear

Life at times becomes demanding. It demands our attention. It demands our time. It demands our thought. It demands our strength. Sometimes a little of these and at times a little more of these. Perhaps, life demands for no other reason but simply because it is a cradle of our being. Yet many times our response is one of fear. We face the demands put by life with fear where …


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