slave master

Are you a slave or are you your master

There is the ‘You’ and There is the ‘Happiness’. Discover that in-between these two there is ‘Thought’.

Yes, ‘thought’, the imaginative snapshot that crosses your mind’s eye every now and then. Thought sets the tone inside. Each Thought as it crosses, leads to a particular flavour of environment being set inside of us. This environment inside is precisely the feel-good or feel-bad of our life.

So why does Thought stand in-between You and Happiness? Thought has a tendency to run, run and run itself. It runs the script just as a playwright does while writing script for stageplays. This script sets the internal feel-good or feel-bad, just like it sets a stage play. Thus, between You and Happiness, the script would always stand. You and your Happiness by default run the risk of becoming a slave.

Master the script

The good part however is yet to be known. You and your Happiness can instantly unite if the script is under your calm control. The script may run, but You are completely at peace with it.

You are at peace because You touch it fully; witness it without fear or favour. You witness it without fear, understanding that a script is a script. It is not your Master. You are the master playwright.

Henceforth, won’t You be the master playwright of your own Happiness?

“Tintoretto, The Miracle of the Slave, detail with master”by profzucker is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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