You, The Intelligent Energy

Life as is gifted to You is all Energy. Energy- its reservoir, its interaction, its sink- all operating through You.

It appears as if we are handed over a quantum of Energy for a lifetime. To do whatever we want to with our quantum.

‘You are your Energy. Our Energy is our possibility.’

It makes full sense to invest your entire Energy quantum towards growth.

Most of us indeed attempt it, but such trials remain below our true potential. Perhaps the energy sinking aspect dominates the most in our lives. And it is an intelligent quantum. It seems to assess the passion You show while You call upon your Energy quantum. And the intent one shows is returned back to us.

Our Energy is our possibility. See its intelligence operate. Spend your quantum with passion. It is only with passion that You will begin to see the difference between a sinking-loop and a rising-loop.

‘When spent with passion, the intelligent Energy comes back to You without getting sunk.’

It finds unexpected ways to hold You when You are about to fall and to gently push You when You need to climb up. And that brings growth.

“brand new things are growing”by naturalflow is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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