Whenever You Face Fear

Life at times becomes demanding. It demands our attention. It demands our time. It demands our thought. It demands our strength. Sometimes a little of these and at times a little more of these.

Perhaps, life demands for no other reason but simply because it is a cradle of our being. Yet many times our response is one of fear. We face the demands put by life with fear where strength is the requirement. And we seldom realize that we are misunderstanding the requirement.

‘Fear is perhaps the greatest cause of what can be called a ‘life-paralysis’. Somehow it binds us in a way we cannot free ourselves from.’

Life-paralysis is nothing but an inexplicable ennui with life. Little movement. Little freshness. Just occasional whiff of Happiness. So what do we do when faced with fear? The biggest lesson on fear is perhaps captured in this small statement:  The fear of fear is worse than the fear itself.

‘The life events we fear, the so-called failures in life, the situations that we are continuously afraid of, in reality have much less potential to harm our life.’


We fear them and make them gigantic. We feed the fear, making it a continuous aspect of our life. Never-ending, crisscrossing our life regularly. Whenever Life demands, respond with strength. Because only then can You claim to understand Life’s demand.

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