Value What You Feel

Life is subtly calling You to live it to the fullest.

And its ways are strange indeed.

At times, calling You through the gorgeous sight of a winter sun;

Whispering it to You through the breeze that brushes past;

Reminding through the smile that You bring on someone’s face and change the world completely for that precious moment.

Most unhappiness results from overlooking the beauty in things around You. Small things that are simply beautiful if we care to look. These are private, intense, and unfailing paths to your Happiness. And this is not a ‘justification’- a reason ‘invented’ for You to feel Happy.

Most unhappy among us are those who skip such ‘moments’ and in turn, anticipate some kind of a grand finale to their Happiness pursuit. Some strange predestined event that one day will come and will usher in unimaginable quantity of Happiness in their lives. One giant dose, one giant compensation. The only possible exaggeration in this statement is that most of us don’t have one such grand anticipation, but instead, a few such events.

To do List

Anticipate great events. It is good. But do not make Happiness wait until the arrival of ‘big’ events. Let the big ones just be add-ons, to the large quantity of Happiness You have gathered through living each moment, every day.

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