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You are the Flow

Life gives us novel lessons- in life. Each one of us learns one thing or the other from life. However, as You would agree, on most of these lessons, there are differences and arguments among people who experience life everyday- people like You and me. Opinions, conclusions, interpretations galore, what is right and what is wrong. On one such lesson arguments give way to a consensus: ‘One must be able …


A Life Of Anticipation

Anticipation of the future takes up a lot of our time. We anticipate good and bad events, good and bad fortune, good and bad life-situations. In its healthier avatar, this process of anticipation is demanded by life herself. We need to predict life-pathways and strategize. So we anticipate. But don’t we overdo it often. So much that people end up spending a lifetime in some kind of anticipation. They know …


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