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You are the Flow

Life gives us novel lessons- in life. Each one of us learns one thing or the other from life. However, as You would agree, on most of these lessons, there are differences and arguments among people who experience life everyday- people like You and me. Opinions, conclusions, interpretations galore, what is right and what is wrong. On one such lesson arguments give way to a consensus: ‘One must be able …


Simplicity Inside

See a child smile. Then, watch her smile turn into laughter. And then make yourself doubly sure that it is the smile that enlivened the atmosphere, including You. And then You got to learn from this. Why does a smile come so naturally and so effortlessly to a child? Is it not because a child’s world is so much simpler? Simpler not just in terms of amount of knowledge of …


Celebrate To Enrich Yourself

Celebration is important for You. Celebration not just limited to the conventional meaning of the term. The art of celebration lies in celebrating your life. It simply means celebrating your life each day, as much as possible– with your everyday chores included. Celebrating a small noble deed by You. Celebrating all that You have. And celebrating all that You give. It is not impractical at all. Celebration becomes a natural …

mintenance life

A Life High On Maintenance

Our life has two aspects to it- Growth Aspect & Maintenance Aspect. Growth Aspect to Life: Constant addition of new life skills in You, leading to creativity and freshness within. Maintenance Aspect to Life: Keeping alive the ‘routine’, without explicit focus on novel learning and new experience.   ‘In fact, life approaches all of us in this duo of growth and maintenance options. We all must recognize that it does.’ …

master dependence

Master Your Dependence

‘Dependence’ follows the basic Law of Nature. Like every other entity in Nature, it comes in two variants- Positive & Negative. Positive dependence is growth What exactly is a ‘positive’ dependence is difficult to theorize. But practical experience helps utilizing its benefit. ‘The thumb rule is: a positive dependence will always lead to mutual growth for two individuals.’ For instance, the mutual growth of two partners through their working together …


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