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A Life High On Maintenance

Our life has two aspects to it- Growth Aspect & Maintenance Aspect.

Growth Aspect to Life: Constant addition of new life skills in You, leading to creativity and freshness within.

Maintenance Aspect to Life: Keeping alive the ‘routine’, without explicit focus on novel learning and new experience.


‘In fact, life approaches all of us in this duo of growth and maintenance options. We all must recognize that it does.’


Another duo of facts

Happiness in life varies vastly from one individual to the other. Happiness is determined by the proportion of life that is distributed between growth and maintenance modes of living.

Most would agree with the first one. True. But let’s concentrate on the second fact. Many a times, many of us continue to spend our time of life in simply maintaining the basic blocks of life. We fail to recognize that we ought to move ahead. Move ahead and utilize these blocks (earning livelihood is one such block) to actually build what is called as a ‘satisfying life state’.


‘A life spent predominantly in the maintenance mode soon becomes trivial even to the individual who takes shelter in it.’


Realize that something as common and troubling as your boredom is an outcome of a high-on-maintenance life pattern- which means ‘doing without experiencing the doing’.

Life in maintenance mode is trivial enough to ‘try out’ life. Switch to the growth mode.

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