Simplicity Inside

See a child smile. Then, watch her smile turn into laughter. And then make yourself doubly sure that it is the smile that enlivened the atmosphere, including You.

And then You got to learn from this. Why does a smile come so naturally and so effortlessly to a child? Is it not because a child’s world is so much simpler? Simpler not just in terms of amount of knowledge of the world a child has (which is a fact).

Her world is simple because it is ‘her own’. It is ‘her own’, and therefore it is ‘simple’ to her. It thus brings Happiness. And why would You mind a little simplicity if it brings Happiness.

Carve a world of your own. This world of your own is not at all about simple outward appearances or being vulnerable. It is simply about letting the simplicity inside You flower for yourself, for Happiness, never for vulnerability.

Because simplicity inside yields tremendous strength outside. Still disagreeing? Ok, let us answer who all were happy seeing the child smile. Of course the child because of her ‘limited understanding of the world’. But in all likelihood You too were.

‘The child would learn about the world from You, would You want to learn about smiling from the child?’

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