You are the Flow

Life gives us novel lessons- in life.

Each one of us learns one thing or the other from life.

However, as You would agree, on most of these lessons, there are differences and arguments among people who experience life everyday- people like You and me. Opinions, conclusions, interpretations galore, what is right and what is wrong. On one such lesson arguments give way to a consensus:

‘One must be able to self-manage one’s life and its share of problems, to be holistically healthy.’

As the time flows through in one’s life, this statement feels like an eternal-self-realized Truth for that individual. How one can learn to self-manage more efficiently?

Just a two step process actually

First imbibe this:

All your thoughts and actions are flow processes. They are not static. They are dynamic, alive, natural flow processes within You. And your emotions- pain and joy- are the goalposts of your flow processes. They indicate that You have arrived somewhere along this flow.

Take a real life instance:

Let’s talk about the feeling of ‘being victimized’ at the work place. By your own colleagues. The state of feeling victimized by your more-smarter-colleagues is actually a goalpost that You have touched by taking a particular flow path within You. No doubt a self-harming, self-punishing one!

10 minutes to solve most of your pestering issues

And it cannot be less than 10 minutes! Because if You don’t do your 10-minute homework to tackle your life problems, You can only infer that You have no problem at all.

Sit with a pen and paper and begin writing your answers to these 6 questions in this order:

1. How am I feeling?

2. Who/What made me feel this bad?

3. What is so compulsive in the situation that I let myself be disturbed/pestered?

4. So can I accept that outsiders will determine my peace of mind?

5. What should matter more in my own life: me allowing myself to be hurt OR they attempting it to be so?

6. If such situations have arisen before and also today, how much time will I devote to this state of Unhappiness for the remaining part of my life (write in Years preferably)?

If You have 10 minutes for self-management, keep this 6 question set with You. Your answer is the only answer. It is true that You only transcend what You understand. And it is definitely true of your life’s problems. These 10 minutes will help You understand the problem.

Because it is seldom the answers that matter but often the right questions that ultimately break the pestering barrier of your mental castle. Right questions bring You back from the stupor that persistent feeling-of-problems throws You into. These questions may solve Your problem only because they take You through the flow- back in time.

‘The flow that actually brought You (unaware) to the current point of disappointment.’

And if You are the flow, why reach a goalpost which is less than Happiness.

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