Why get inspired at all by others?

Ultimate destination for the human, or soul, is Truth. Truth can be called by us as Whatever There Is. Normally, one cannot know the Truth in first go. For those who persist, Truth is often discovered through a process of discoveries leading to it.

During every stage of this discovering journey, there are human or symbolic guides that arrive. Their arrival is perhaps on the principle of matching energy, we attract what we are inside or we are trying to become intensely. These guides are part of the creation, acting as signposts. In normal terms, they are roadsigns on a highway or city.

Inspirations are these guides. They come in at the right time, and act relevant to the stage of the person. They not only provide knowledge but more importantly provide motivational energy to carry on the journey of Truth Discovery. Some of the inspirations may appear “less True” later. Or, some such guides may not be completely in sync with one’s moral or social judgement of the time. Nevertheless Truth cannot care less for its interpretations by others.

This section provides inspirations of this kind, they are not “text books” that are being recommended or promoted. They are simply versions of Truth that suit some more than others.

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