Life In Action, At A Traffic Junction

You often experience the best learning incidentally.

Often while looking around to find ‘Similarities’ You discover ‘Laws’.

Finding Similarities is great fun and finding Laws, great value.

And where is more value than in learning the laws of life- incidentally. So are laws of life floating around You? Waiting to be discovered by You? For, if You discover the Law, You possess the best knowledge on action (what to do), emotion (how to feel), Happiness (its value).

From where You pick up the law is entirely up to You. But there are, of course, pointers available.

Next time You are waiting at the traffic junction You have some great laws of Life to decipher. Here are some of them to start with:

You often have to give way to others in life. For the better.

You may stop in life briefly, but only to move forward again. With a new vigor.

And when life forces You to stop for a while, You have an opportunity to reflect. For discovering its Laws. For the next spell to be even greater.

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