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Oh Mother Misery You Teach So Well

We know what misery is. We know misery precisely because each one of us has felt it somewhere inside her own life. Some days, some months, some years spent in misery.

Misery: the degree & recurrence

The degree, of course, varies. At the lower end constituting very faint feeling- so much so that some of us would happily refuse to acknowledge its existence. And rightfully so. At its peak, it completely snatches away the very essence of one’s life.

Misery is actually ‘miserable’ because of its second property – it recurs. You get away with last-Sunday-led misery and somewhere around Wednesday You might again be caught in misery, though the cause of misery could be different this time.

Misery: The ‘Mother’ nature it carries. Misery is blessing in disguise. Just like a concerned mother, it brings home the most critical lessons in life. How? It first prods You to look at itself. Feel the negative emotions. And then softly tells You, “Look what you are losing out on by remaining with me”. Misery: The finale. So, take help of misery to break away from the cycle of getting ‘stuck’.

Next time the first signs of feeling miserable arrive in your life just hold on. Hold on to the negative feeling for a few minutes – fearlessly. Repeat to yourself – It’s there to teach You.

Just resist the temptation to run away from your particular misery for a few minutes. Watch your misery. And soon You will see life emerging out of that very scene.

‘A bright life will emerge because You would have seen and understood what life is not. And what is not life should not be a part of it.’

And then Your misery will not recur.

“Misery”by ThisMissMolly is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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