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slave master

Are you a slave or are you your master

There is the ‘You’ and There is the ‘Happiness’. Discover that in-between these two there is ‘Thought’. Yes, ‘thought’, the imaginative snapshot that crosses your mind’s eye every now and then. Thought sets the tone inside. Each Thought as it crosses, leads to a particular flavour of environment being set inside of us. This environment inside is precisely the feel-good or feel-bad of our life. So why does Thought stand …

A Guide To De-Queuing The Mind

Think of those hours and days where our mind involuntarily keeps going round in a circle. The mind keeps thinking of that obsessive thought- that one sentence, that frozen image- which is actually past and therefore non-existent in reality. We keep getting pulled back by the same fear, the same hurt, the same stress. ‘The same old, stale input leads to the same non-fresh output.’ This is a negative state …


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