A Guide To De-Queuing The Mind

Think of those hours and days where our mind involuntarily keeps going round in a circle.

The mind keeps thinking of that obsessive thought- that one sentence, that frozen image- which is actually past and therefore non-existent in reality. We keep getting pulled back by the same fear, the same hurt, the same stress.

‘The same old, stale input leads to the same non-fresh output.’

This is a negative state of being, causing a disequilibrium within ourselves, where we feel lethargic and non-cheerful for long stretches.

De-queuing is a technique of transforming this unpleasant (recurring) input going to our mind. It says ‘transform the old input’ since old input can just produce the old output which is non-cheerful.

‘Pump fresh inputs and see yourself feeling elated and happy.’

Pumping fresh input is easy-just close your eyes for 20 seconds and see your own face overlaid with a smile.

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