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Are We Losing Balance to One-Sided Admiration

It is in the human nature to progress, and it is also human to not progress- especially when the word “progress” is seen in a singular meaning derived from a universal definition of what progress is. Let the meaning & implemetation of “progress” be individual and many of the issues we see around shall not arise. One such issue which came to my attention is an unchecked and non-cautious, one-sided …

Nature is Our Self, Reflected Back to Us

Let us consider major themes going on in human beings as a whole since ages: First kind of pursuit. One must have often heard debates around “Nature vs Nurture” topic. Basically, this kind of enquiry is to separate Oneself (human and other beings) from the Sorrounding Nature, like Chaff is separated from Wheat. The objective is to “arrive at” a black and white model of Universe or Human being where …


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