Are We Losing Balance to One-Sided Admiration

It is in the human nature to progress, and it is also human to not progress- especially when the word “progress” is seen in a singular meaning derived from a universal definition of what progress is. Let the meaning & implemetation of “progress” be individual and many of the issues we see around shall not arise.

One such issue which came to my attention is an unchecked and non-cautious, one-sided exponetial increase of man-made radiation in the environment sorrounding us. This issue qualifies to be re-assessed since there is no counter thought to its rise. Often, when we skew to only one side, we have lost balance and we fall, but by then it is too late.

Most things flourish only when balanced.

Why is there no discussion to strike a balance between emerging human needs & the underlying unrecognized imbalance we are enforcing in the environment in which we live? Take the case of exponential rise of EM radiation. I came across a balancing perspective on the issue of EM radiation especially from wireless technology. One researcher on this topic Magda Havas, has published a perspective on the same. The paper presents a counter-balancing perspective on the current use of wireless technologies- how we have little to no evidence of their long term effects on their impact on human health. It is time that we re-assess how our human society shall ‘progress’- do we wish to ‘progress’ without checks and balances only to realize later that a journey of checks and balances is more sustainable than one which only gets obsessed with one side. Magda Havas Research Publication



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