Nature is Our Self, Reflected Back to Us

Let us consider major themes going on in human beings as a whole since ages:

First kind of pursuit. One must have often heard debates around “Nature vs Nurture” topic. Basically, this kind of enquiry is to separate Oneself (human and other beings) from the Sorrounding Nature, like Chaff is separated from Wheat. The objective is to “arrive at” a black and white model of Universe or Human being where there is no further division possible after the model has been arrived at. Somehow it is felt that Black and White are totally different and separate at the root and hence “universal elements”. Is this so?

Second kind of pursuit. This type of excercise has been again pursued by human society for ages now- to arrive at “one” “single” source for every thing around- sometimes in the form of One Supreme Lord, one supreme ruler, one supreme law, and other times in form of a Universal Law of Science, or in search of a Universal Particle that creates everything else! Isn’t it so?

I wish to draw your attention to another way of perceiving reality around. What if the nature around us is a reflection of ourself? What if Nature around us is analogous to how we view our own reflection in the mirror?

This is plausible at several levels. Among all theories and hypothesis, we can be sure about one thing. Starting from this principle of “One Is” if we were to experience so much variety at our descretion, world and nature around us could be seen as a reflection of the Self.

There is another analogy to this, when one watches how our mind functions, it seems that it is a giant reflector of awesome beauty. Thoughts are like rays that keep reflecting back and forth from this mirror. Each ray is getting more intense or less intense depending on the multiplication from the edges of this mirror. This is very similar to how physical laser works – the light ray is reflected multiple times from mirrors placed in such an arranegement so as to increase the number of repeated reflections.

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