Let me join you in first presenting a stereotyped belief.

“If you are seeking coaching, you are acknowledging weakness already.”

No other statement can bring more clarity to your decision than this statement above. Let’s see what options does this leave one with in action terms.

Perspective 1: “If you are in decision trouble, you are not even allowed to try a solution”

Perspective 2: “Coaching is ok and often advised for learning elementary maths but for an alive multi-dimensional super-intricate entity called human, coaching only reflects weakness off this human being”

Perspective 3: “You are not independent to even decide who to discuss and seek advice from on matters where you need bigger perspective”

So, I welcome my readers to send me any positive interpretation of the stereotyped belief.

Now coming to how a neutral observer shall comment upon this statement.

Try coaching but check the quality of the coach’s own understanding.

Check if the coach listens to the issue in entirety or is biased to just one psychological theory that he would apply irrespective of its relevance.

Does the coach have compassion?

Does the coach have intelligence to draw patterns from information shared along with compassion?

Does the coach offer medium term hand-holding or just hourly sessions?


As the Chief Coach, here’s the Guide Book we follow:

Compassion first.

All ears.

Not at the speed of quick paid consulting.

Ok to seek sympathy but it’s never the solution.

No judgement.

Coach is facing a Creator seeking improved control on his/her creativity, not a being resigned to circumstances and/or fate.

You are a Creator. Responsibility without Guilt is the Insight.

Coach is a temporary co-creator who helps you re-discover the path.


Professional Coaching Ethics

Confidentiality of your information

No recording for your privacy

No personal meddling in non related areas


This is what governs us. If you want more clarity on any issue, please feel free to write and get a written reply.