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A Mantra You Can Understand & Say To Your Self

A Mantra You Can Understand & Say To Your Self. Alternatively, these can be seen as Statements to the Self, by the Self, for the Self. I have found this to be effective because it does not involve any mystery or assumption of occultism. “I am” “I Create” “I Have Worth” Please follow and like us:

Contact for Coaching

I look forward to hearing from you! You can get in touch with me via email at or, message me on my Instagram handle @lifecoachtalk All queries submitted cannot be taken up for coaching. If we can help you only then we will offer the coaching. We can do a Discovery call to figure this out. If you wish to consult me anonymously, I’m okay. We can use …

Our Coaching Blueprint

Let me join you in first presenting a stereotyped belief. “If you are seeking coaching, you are acknowledging weakness already.” No other statement can bring more clarity to your decision than this statement above. Let’s see what options does this leave one with in action terms. Perspective 1: “If you are in decision trouble, you are not even allowed to try a solution” Perspective 2: “Coaching is ok and often …


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