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Is Sound Sleep A Dream? Try Grounded-in-the-moment Technique

Many of us are troubled by lack of sound sleep, with its effect known to most- lethargy, passivity, and ennui.

A cause

Mind’s thought processing continues during the sleep time. Physically the body is resting but mind is not getting its due share of ‘rest’. It needs to process ‘thoughts’ and continues to work.

This ‘overtime’ by the mind is because of the daytime’s unfinished business. Complex situations created before us (like an argument with spouse) are inventoried to be processed ‘later’.

‘Subconsciously, we lazy thought-challenges away instead of dealing with them right then and there.’

We chose to look away when the challenge faced us in that moment. This ‘residue’ is there at our bedside and quietly knocks into our dreams when we should really be sleeping.

Grounded-in-the-Moment, a technique for You

It means that You remain firmly grounded, looking completely fearlessly at this challenge arising during the waking hours. This challenge could range from your not-so-good appraisal after a year’s hard work to a sarcastic remark from a trusted friend. Things that usually make You demoralized, unhappy immediately or pretty soon after they ‘occur’.

What does it mean to be Grounded-in-the-Moment? It is simple. For instance, when You aim at a dartboard, You don’t move, shift, or look away. You are Grounded-in-the-Moment. You just focus on the challenge- the bull’s eye. You have all the capacity to solve and face the complex operation. Such a process finishes without any residue being left, without any inventorying of issues for the mind to process later.

Of course, sometimes You are not able to solve the problem or overcome this challenge (i.e. you miss the bull’s eye!). Then what? Is there any residue left?

‘The greatest fact about this technique is, irrespective of the outcome (success or failure) of this process of being grounded-in-the-moment, the residue is never left.’


In the first place, if You had simply faced the challenge- fully & finally without fearing it- You would not carry forward any negative emotions.

Just look at the challenge as it arises. You meet it where it starts. Don’t give it an opportunity to chase You, to breed in You, to haunt You later.

Try NOT leaving the daytime residue behind, and experience a change.

Happy Sound Sleeping.

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