An Antidote to Stress: Solemnity

Stress is stressful.

Let’s face it: we inhabit a world where stress is never really far behind us.

And it usually hits us through one reason or the other. At times it is emotional bankruptcy, finance, not-so-perfectly running relationship and other times self-generated defeatist thought.

‘Notwithstanding innumerable causes behind stress, stress needs to be managed anyhow for a healthy living.’

Many things work, some better than others. It’s really that practical on ground. Each one of us has her own way of bursting stress and anxiety. Music, as we realize, is a great stress and anxiety buster. Yet, these much-marketed ‘alternatives’ to de-stress oneself don’t work efficiently under all circumstances. Perhaps many of these are based on ‘substitution’ of one boring activity with a better one and hence they have their intrinsic limitation as stress busters.

A rejuvenating retreat: being solemn within

Still the point is that stress doesn’t come from Mars. It comes from within. When external de-stressors (the substitution based ones like shopping) become inefficient we must turn to the inside for a while. Oh it’s not clichéd! On the contrary it works beautifully.

Try this:

When your stress refuses to die down, collect your inner self. Collecting it simply means practically feeling the life-spark that each one of us carries.

‘If You can feel, ‘I am’ within Yourself (and only that to the exclusion of other mental images) then You have got it.’

Stay with the feeling for a minute and You will come across the most human of all qualities: Solemnity.

Solemnity is the feeling of humility towards this great gift called life. A gratitude that dwarfs all negativity (that we collect while living life unintelligently).

Solemnity’s power kills stress. Solemnity is where stress from life subtracts itself.

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