Teacher-Persons who Reflected Back at Me & Helped

In my amazing journey, I encountered teacher-persons who helped me understand myself. What they expressed through their websites, books, videos reflected back to me my own unseen beliefs, feelings and thoughts. I feel this is how the enjoyment of life goes on- reflections some of which resonate, others die down (or rather attenuate). I thank each of them and numerous others who I no longer remeber but would have made my life enjoyable through interaction with them at some point in time.

Jiddu Krishnamurti – “The Thinker is the Thought” – I found his courage to stand apart from a group resonating in me. His ability to consider afresh on life’s basic assumptions seem unique to me.

PVR Narsimha Rao – On one hand, his ability to be lend high level technology touch to Astrology is unique. However, my main personal point of appreciation is his perspective on life and spirituality in his Yahoo Groups fora. His humility and down to earth approach to human evolution is exemplary.

Barbara Pijan Lama – She is a Vedic Astrologer who has created a megalithic astro-spiritual website. It was a must read for me for quite some time few years ago. Her special ability to combine modern rationality of Occident with ancient wisdom of Orient sciences is awesome. Her way of explaning life experiences has helped me form a balanced perspective too. Her ability is rare as in the current astrology circles ‘fatalism’ ‘destiny’ is quite common but her balanced take on freewill and destiny is unique. I highly recommend reading this page https://barbarapijan.com/bpa/bAstrHom.htm#not_Fortune_Telling

Prashant Trivedi PT – I met him once in Mumbai/Delhi. His highlighting Nature and reverence for Nature is unique in our current times.  He has amazingly travelled to pristine places on Earth where Nature is untouched. I like the way he has chosen a path for himself without getting caught in the almost “universal” template that most persons end up taking.

Sylvia Ivanova – The New Earth Lady – Her video series on YT where she painstakingly puts together an alternative history using strong evidence from across the world. Unique effort in these times. I appreciate her effort in this regard. Special thanks to Sylvia also because she led me to Seth (Jane Roberts).

Seth – “You create your own Reality” – The ‘teacher’ who helped me the most perhaps – in terms of total transformation. He helped me on my biggest personal obstacle, how to feel worthy. I had collected loads and loads of worthy achievements but never felt it was enough to make me feel worthy! What a trap, all the effort but no appreciation for one self. Seth changed this in me! A big thanks to Seth and Jane Roberts. What they brought to Earth is exceptional. I highly recommend to read their book “The Nature of Personal Reality”.

Alan Watts-The Philosopher’s unique benefit for me was in ultimately feeling Relxation. His insight on Overthinking is awesome. He says that not thinking should be an alternative. His point on “Doing real things vs thinking” helped me understand the limitations of thinking. Thinking is useful, but not a 24×7 activity! Freedom to not think is as important as Freedom to Think. Watts’ take on Nature is again wonderful. His point on inseparable differences helped me a lot – background and image are united, not separate.






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