Life Coaching to Transform Everyday Experience


Transformation – a luxury or a necessity?

You can create your own life transformation. Sometimes transformation is the only option if life weighs you down in critical areas. Good news is that life transformation is achievable in everyday living.

Life Coaching for transformation

Life Coaching has been a method of life transformation for years now. However, so far, life coaching is considered privilege of the rich. This is partly true. But as a matter of fact, transformation is required by everyone. It can be said that basically we live our lives to transform ourselves into better us. So, life coaching can be viewed as a basic right to figure out ways of self growth.

Why transformation is sometimes the only option?

Because often in one area of life, one gets stuck for long. Repeated failures and disappointments become the default. Whatever action one takes falls into similar outcomes – disappointing ones. It goes without saying that such a condition can be crippling. Hampering everyday living leave alone, positive experience and excitement. This phenomenon can affect one severely in relationship, career, finance and or general well being.

Is there a solution to get ahead?

There is a solution out of this kind of getting stuck issues. The magic is that the solution is literally in your hands. ‘Coz You are a powerful creator by the virtue of your being. Yes, no other qualification is required other than what you already possess , being human (if you are not a bot reading this electronically). You are simply not aware that you possess this creative power, and hence you don’t benefit from the Truth. The most fun Truth is that these getting-stuck problems are themselves direct results of your own inherent creative process gone wrong!

How it works?

Your limitations, frustrations are due to self limiting beliefs “getting fed” into the always-on life engine that operates inside you. Beliefs that remain unexamined by you surreptitiously find their way into your own creative engine. But unknowingly they end up creating the reality you experience 24×7!

How I help

My 1:1 coaching helps you uncover silly beliefs. Silly because they create unpleasant experience aka reality in your life. Suppose if I write your core unexamined belief before you, you will tag them “how silly” easily yourself. It’s just that they are never examined as we do not suspect their role in our reality creation. You replace them with healthier and beneficial beliefs in their place. As you transform your chosen beliefs, your reality will automatically transform 24×7.

Is coaching the only solution you recommend?

Frankly, there are 2 options before you to achieve the same goal: Either use my 1:1 coaching  or Start Loving Yourself Now.
My coaching helps in the sense that not everyone has the discipline and expertise in going through the steps required to uncover the belief. I come in as a companion on this short journey of yours. Due to my interest and ability in this method, I take care of the context, analysis, questions and other portions of usual learning curve involved.

What are we going to do

My idea is to bring this method to as many people as I can. Currently, the process is not automated or productized, so my time involvement is at every step. It goes like this: There are 2-3 audio/video calls with you to share the method and kickstart the process. Basic method is simple and starts with an easy flowing 2-way discussion about the experiences in question. Then we together do logical analysis of patterns, choices and events that reveal the underlying beliefs. This is achieved by applying a magical yet logical tool called “Why?”. A series of “Why(s)” reveal more solutions than all other methods commonly heard of including divination methods. Once you are able to see the pattern, exchange of your questions and my answers in chat or email or messenger follows. This completes 75% of our goal. Remaining 25% is follow up queries on what can be called the nitty-gritty of applying this method to newer areas as you go about your everyday life.

Is it costly

My approach is to make life coaching an easy to use and implement tool available to everyone. High coaching fee which is sessions based often comes in the way of higher adoption or freedom of usage. Another issue is that time bound sessions may become ineffective after they are over. In fact longer handholding lasting two to three months is key to successful transformation. So, my approach is to give you 1. Live Sessions that you can absorb at your pace, & not as per my calendar convenience. This means you should be able to take sessions when you feel best to absorb them. 2. an always-on contact feature where you can ask me questions and seek advice for few months during your journey. My idea is not to dump lots of theoretical knowledge and then let you be in confusion when it comes to applying it. So the service is a 3-month membership. The services I described will be available to you as a member for 3-months to absorb and utilize at your pace. Your advantage is that you don’t feel pinched paying for every session at a hourly price. To keep it fair to myself as well I have used a combination of live 1:1 audio/video sessions and email/chat access. Quarterly membership allows for full 3 months at your end to avail the solution at your own pace, and not hurry through it.

How much does it cost

If you are interested to know more you can send me a DM on my instagram handle or email me. Contact details are here

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